It is fun to learn Spanish!


Do you want to learn Spanish the way they speak in Spain or in Latin America?  We can provide you with both: teachers from Spain and teachers from different Latin American countries will do their best to teach you this melodious language.


The only thing in which our teachers differ is the accent, otherwise they all are trained, friendly, experienced and will help you get close to the language and also the culture.


To learn Spanish at Prisma means to have fun in this adventurous journey through language and culture. And also the wish to get to know better the language and the people from both cultures.


So then: Bienvenido!


Price for one lesson (45 min)


One-to-one: 33,00 Euros

Two people: 16,00 Euro each

Mini-group (3-5 people): 10,00 Euros each

Group ( form 6 people): 8,00 Euros each



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