• When do the courses at Prisma start?

The courses start every month (morning courses) and every two months (evening courses) but you can join the group any time.


  • How do I know which course level I should attend?

You can come during our office hours, without appointment , write the placement test for free and you will immediately find out your level. You can also fill in the placement test on our web-site:             Einstufungstest

We will send you an e-mail with your actual level and an offer with the right course for you.


  • How do I apply for a course?

We can send you, via e-mail or fax, the application form which you have to fill in and personally bring to our office. The whole fee is due when you apply. The registration is binding and guarantees you a place in the course only if you have paid.


  • How much does a course by Prisma e. V cost?

For the levels A1, A2 and B1 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) a course consisting of 100 hours (one hour is 45 minutes) of lesson costs 300,00 Euros.

Those who received the permit of the Federal Office for Immigration and Refugees or the Foreigners' Authority pay 195,00 Euros for 100 hours.

For B2 and C1 courses (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) the fee is 315,00 Euros for 70 hour lessons.


  • How big are the groups?

Our groups from level A1 to B1 can have up to  22 participants, but they usually have an average of 18. In the advanced levels B2, C1, C2 the groups don't have more than 15/20 participants.


  • What kind of people (nationality, age, profession etc.) attend the courses?

What is good at Prisma e V. is  the multicultural atmosphere and the variety of nationalities, ages and interests. We teach people from all over the world; no special national group is more represented than others. Our clients are young people and young at heart. From au-pairs to people working for big companies, immigrants looking for a job and integration and university students spending one semester abroad in Germany: they all sit side by side and become friends.

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