It is fun to learn Greek!


For whatever reason you want to learn this beautiful language - wheter you like Greeks and their culture or you want to speak to your Greek friends in their language - you can do it with our friendly and competent teachers. They are trained philologists of modern Greek, can explain Greek grammar, both old and recent idiomatic expressions and, of course, are native speakers.


Call us and we will inform you about the next Greek course which is going to begin or book right away an efficient one-to-one-training at a  reasonable price.


Price for one lesson (45 min):


One-to-one: 33,00 Euros

Two people: 16,00 Euro each

Mini-group (3-5 people): 10,00 Euros each

Group ( form 6 people): 8,00 Euros each






Lydia Antoniadou

Tel. 089 / 5407 5130

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